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December 12, 2023. 11:41PM EST

      [ ] Athenaeum puzzle
      [ ] Fix up page themes... they look boring or weird
      [ ] Add webnovel web visualization
      [x] Update art page
      [ ] Make an interests page
      [ ] Add neko for real

August 6, 2023. 3:22PM EST

   Ditched the vegetable theme on the homepage because it was getting boring... haven't done the other pages yet and there are still some leafy greens on the homepage now ;) Will still work on developing the Athenaeum puzzle, but have been very busy. Will start adding a couple new stories just for variety, since I jump projects like no one's business. You can view the old webpage here.
April 27, 2023. 12:01AM EST

   I started journaling in a physical journal so I stopped using this page lol. I think I'll start using it to talk about things I've read, watched, or written, and about updates to this site.
   I had the idea to redo the pages in character as someone that's from the world of a story I've written. I think it would be cool to hide pages and make it similar to exploring the Athenaeum. Since the immediately accesible areas are maintained by this character, a gardener, this page will also soon get a vegetable update like the resource and home pages. [28] Nvm I've decided this is like a meta space. The creations page is staying the same, but I may add a little bit to it to make it seem like a little gazebo area in a garden... If you're coming here for hints on how to find a way into the Athenaeum, I haven't put it in yet! Sorry. Also am currently editing the first release of the WN so that's also not up. Plus idk what vegetable to theme its page with yet.
July 23, 2022. 5:03PM EST

   I tried to go to the store today and was waiting at the bus stop for about 10 minutes, but when the bus came, it just drove past me. It pissed me off so I went home lol I mean I'm leaving in a week, my experiment isn't working, my rent went up $400 without me knowing, and now I don't want to get on the bus ever again.
   Here are the current contents of my kitchen:
      - 1/2 a jug of milk
      - 3/4 a box of cereal
      - 2 cloves of garlic
      - some vegan sausage links
      - some bagels
      - shredded mozzerella
      - 1/4 jar of pasta sauce
      - 2 1/2 boxes of rigatoni
      - 1/2 a box of cheezit party mix
      - some pb & j
      - soy sauce, salt, and pepper
      - tea and honey
      - 10 eggs
      - 3 individually portioned packs of guacamole
      - frozen vegan meatballs
      - mini croissants
      - a very small amount of butter
      - cooking spray
      - 1 fruit cup, 1 gogurt, 1 Reese's
      - a ton of cream cheese
      - 2 1/2 cups rice
   I might be eating a lot of rice and eggs for dinner and pasta for lunch. Today I might just have bagels and guac with an egg because I don't feel like cooking too much.
July 15, 2022. 11:35PM EST

   I felt a lot of things today, but by the time I made this page, I'd already forgotten them. Earlier today I was hot and then cold and then hot and then cold again. I was alone then in a crowd and then alone again. I was bored. I didn't want to go back to school, I wanted to go home, I wanted to stay in place forever, I wanted to make something good or make someone think I was good or something. I have to get a box of pasta and cheese and snacks from the store tomorrow. I went kayaking yesterday with the high schoolers and Alex and Jacob and I felt like I never wanted to go back home. I got annoyed with my brother and then wished he would call me and then kept hearing weird noises in the dark from the rest of my house.
   Sometimes I feel really irritated and left out but I don't think I should. I get random childlish urges or naturally slip into how I used to act and panic and wonder if it's really that impossible to be what I think is myself. I like the kind of person I am when I'm with Jacob and Alex but in part I worry that that's because I'm being selfish and they're just politely taking an interest in me, or are doing it out of boredom. I really like them either way; they're cool and fun and I wanna be like them when I get older. I keep talking like Jacob without realizing it. I remember I saw a post one time about how love echoes and I think it's something like that in both ways; you love something because it reminds you of something else u love and you start to take on the mannerisms of the people you like.
   I made some music as well. It never sounds how I think my style should sound. It sounds simple and cheerful and kind of bland. But it's fun, so who cares? Holy shit I just caught the cockroach that was prowling around my room but its head was sticking out of the jar I trapped it under so I just kept pressing down and decapitated it and it felt so weird and gross and the body AND head kept moving around afterwards. I'm glad it's dead and not alive in a jar on the floor. I hate bugs. People like to wax poetic about lives smaller than ours but I just don't like bugs. I wish I had a cat or something that would eat bugs but I don't know if I could take care of it.
   I should figure out what to put on the right side of this page. I was thinking a picture, or an index of past blog posts. A lot of people on neocities are super artistic, but I'm not, so it's hard to make something look good. What's a cool way to list past posts?