Unfinished Games

I had a dream where I slowly realized my dreams were a simulation made by an AI that didn't want me to wake up because it was lonely, and I spent the rest of my dream making a simulation for the AI to dream about when I was awake.
I've been trying to make a simple story-based game for my little brother but they always seem too boring. I wanna try to make one with little creatures next time.

Tunes of my own divising (made with beepbox)

After the heat of 7152022: aka extra credit ii. I had to walk outside a lot today but wore clothes that were too warm. There were no clouds and the sky was very blue. I made this instead of working when I got back inside because I was too hot. I'm leaving Clemson in two weeks...

Alex!: I wanted to write a song with the classic Gbmaj7-Dbmaj7 chord progression... it's in so many songs but it's also so good. Meant to be listenable in a loop.

Jacob lol: Portmanteau of a fucked up version of My Dearest Friends by Lena Raine and We Don't Care by Kanye West. For some reason I love counterpoint.

wip about 7202022: i was in a bad mood had chinese takeout and now i'm sort of okay

Chirp: I made this a while ago in garageband. It uses audio of ambient noise in my best friend's backyard and the minecraft axolotl sound lol

The turtle song: 7/30/2023 I made this song about a turtle I saw running really fast near the pond by my house.

Tiny robot: 7/30/2023 experimented with the tiny robot instrument on beepbox.

First week of grad school and I have nothing to do... 8242023

i hate driving but alas... 9102023

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