pokemon: mystery dungeons, explorers of time!! :)

When I was in middle school, I bought a secondhand copy of pokémon: mystery dungeons, explorers of time for the DS for my sister. We both have played it equally since then, but I've taken over it for the most part now :> Although we finished the main storyline, I wanted to document the progress we've made since then so I know what there's left to do!

GameFAQs post about things to do in the game!
Bulbapedia entry for the game, includes wondermail exclusives
Item FAQ by pmdmaster
List of IQ skills by FatRatKnight
List of legendaries!


Legendaries Recruited

I finally collected them all!

Treasures Collected

i don't know... i don't feel like doing this part rn

Favorite Team Members

Skitty: This is my main character!
   Level: 100    Experience: 2642618
   HP: 188
   Attack: 138    Defense: 123
   Sp. Attack: 142    Sp. Defense: 124
   Moves: Tackle, Thunderbolt, Vacuum Cut, Shock Wave
Piplup: This is our partner!
   Level: 100    Experience: 2584302
   HP: 179
   Attack: 130    Defense: 118
   Sp. Attack: 131    Sp. Defense: 115
   Moves: Hydro Pump, Brine, Drill Peck, Bubble Beam
   Level: 57    Experience: 1109046
   HP: 133
   Attack: 82    Defense: 87
   Sp. Attack: 101    Sp. Defense: 81
   Moves: Water Paulse, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw, Spacial Rend
   IQ: (0.5)
   Level: 65    Experience: 1216339
   HP: 144
   Attack: 87    Defense: 74
   Sp. Attack: 89    Sp. Defense: 74
   Moves: Whirlpool, Tackle, Drill Peck, Hydro Pump
   Level: 55    Experience: 711031
   HP: 126
   Attack: 62 >   Defense: 54
   Sp. Attack: 59    Sp. Defense: 54
   Moves: Headbutt, Psybeam, Swagger, Psychic
   IQ: (0.5)

Current Guild Rank

Hyper Rank!
To next Rank: ~20000